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Paul Gilbert Masterclass

Wow. That was a blast – one of my favourite guitar players comes to town for a masterclass and I get the call to add some low end. The answer is yes. 15-year old me would be very impressed with 38-year old me….


Wow. That was a hell of a weekend. Amidst hundreds of players slapping thousands of strings, there was incredible gear, awesome main stage performances and a whole host of fantastic masterclasses, both in the show masterclass room and in the Scott’s Bass Lessons room. The backstage hang was like a who’s-who of killing bassists, with […]

Outrage against the machine 

So this weekend I’m out in the UK depping with my buddy’s band giving it some extreme Rage Against The Machine vibes. It is IMMENSE fun and requires at least 3 drive pedals. AT LEAST.

NAMM 2017

It’s day three at NAMM and things are in full swing. And by full swing, I mean THERE’S AMAZING GEAR EVERYWHERE. But man alive, it’s loud. I’ve spent the last few days hanging with my friends at EBS, I’ve caught up with the guys at Elixir and I’ve been checking out some incredible stuff at […]

Simon Mc Bride Band Tour: December 2016

Throughout December 2017 I embarked on a whirlwind tour of Europe with Irish guitar legend Simon McBride – the trio was rounded out with Marty McCloskey on drums. Every night we played a set that included Simon’s original tunes, a tribute to Hendrix and a mashup of SRV’s Mary had a little Lamb and Scuttle […]